Corporate Subscription Service Plans

Subscription Service Plans Overview

What is a Subscription Service Plan?

Dragon's subscription plans are a new, more affordable and flexible way to address your human resources, IT, and legal departments’ needs to collect and preserve data. They also provides you with access to data acquisition, forensics, information governance and eDiscovery consultants.


Our subscription plans give you a set number of hours of ongoing personalized access to consultant experts for a significantly lower price. You also get greatly discounted additional remote hours guaranteed, and preset hourly prices for the big jobs that may require an onsite presence, saving you as much as 50% off the industry’s normal hourly rate.


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Whose Data Should You Definitely Preserve Forensically Upon Termination?


  • Sr. Manager to C-Level Employees

  • Anyone with Access to Bank Funds and Intellectual Property (IP)

  • Salespersons with Access to Key Accounts and Client Lists

  • Persons that Have Been Fired for Cause


Additionally, from a Legal Defense Prospective... 

A company should get a snapshot of the data and relevant shared departmental data, and place immediately on legal hold status, anyone who has been named, or who the company believes will be named, as a custodian in a legal case. 
Dragon’s remote subscription plans allow you to engage a Dragon eDiscovery consultant to assist you in the custodian selection process, identifying the data sources, custodian interviews, and development of defensible protocols for capturing data. Our examiners are experienced in handling large, complex cases that span across states\ and national borders. Dragon’s remote subscription plans are perfectly suited for these types of cases.


What about a Company “Self” Collecting | Preserving of Their Data?

There are some cases in which relying solely on self collection of the evidence may be justified. This is contingent on how knowledgeable, experienced, and vigilant the legal counsel is at actively supervising the personnel and their processes, and depends on the case and proportionality principles.
Like many, our examiners have been engaged to recollect data that has either been preserved incorrectly initially on employee termination by the company, or larger data sets collected for a discovery request. We find that a company’s selection of tools during self acquisitions, or lack of tool usage in many situations (e.g., copying and pasting data, searching in Windows), and the various personnel and processes it used, may have compromised its initial efforts, or at least given a perception of misconduct.
Subscription holders can engage Dragon Discovery to work with your company to help mitigate the hazards of conducting self collections, acquisitions, and harvesting.  


How Does This Work?

Once you subscribe, Dragon will work with you to set up a forensic workstation at your location that is customized to fit your needs, or install software locally on a dedicated computer owned by you for day-to-day needs. In addition, we can also access remote locations in the U.S. and abroad, and traveling employees such as sale persons, by connecting directly to their local computers. We will then set up standardized procedures that follow best practices and coincide with your current IT and information governance policies. Once set up, all you need to do is alert us via a web form, email, or phone call letting us know that you need our service, and we will take it from there.



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